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LeBeau (2012) observed as the end of 20th century, witnessed the international student enrollment in US was greater in community colleges, compared to other academic institutions. In this decade the number of international students in the US academic institutions is growing at the fastest rate. This might be because of globalization and the demand in professional competency or war and immigration problems. In the 2014-2015 academic year, 974,926 students were enrolled from all over the world (Institute of International Education [IIE], 2015), and spent $30.5 billion that funded 373,000 jobs (NAFSA: Association of International Educators ,2015). Financially staggering US academic institutions have to take advantage of this growing revenue and even can patch the economy (Owens, Srivastava, & Feerasta, 2011). It is evident that International students are being challenged in their transition at many angles. It is believed that as academic advising plays a significant part in international students’ academic and adjustment problems. Zhang (2016) confirmed as there are number of studies about international students’ academic advising and adjustment experiences but very few on community college academic environment. Thus it has become very important to answer the research question “How does academic advising validate or invalidate differences and similarities of international students’subgroups (with different cultural backgrounds) academic and social adjustment in the community college environment?”

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Zhang (2016) confirmed as there are number of studies about international students’ academic advising

and adjustment experiences.

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