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This assignment requires completing a 12-15 page health promotion paper and my topic of choice is Flu Vaccine Education;

Flu Vaccine Education

With the flu season right around the corner, the focus of my project is to provide flu vaccine education. The target population is the group of people (appears to be group of homeless people) that usually hangout down the street from the Rite Aid near the food pantry in Portsmouth. The goal of this project is to educate a significant number of the targeted population about the flu and importance of vaccination in an effort to reduce the incidence of flu and flu-associated deaths among this population. The project will involve two educational sessions on two different dates at the Portsmouth Food Pantry.


I have attached the project instructions sheet and the rubric that will be used to grade the paper. Please use both as a guideline to ensure the paper covers the pertinent items required such as list of project objectives, and evaluation tool to measure outcome.

I have also attached a list of educational handouts on the flu vaccine. The outline of the teaching contents of this project should come from the vaccination information statement handout but the reading level needs to be modified for a homeless audience.

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