Assignment Effective Leadership Essay “Look for Robert F”

  • For this Assignment Read chapter 7 of Shockley-Zalabak (2015) textbook Fundamentals of Organizational Communication (9th ed). Upper Saddle river, NJ: Pearson. ISBN: 9780205980079 choose an individual who you consider to be an effective leader to study. This person may be someone you have worked for or with, or you may choose a prominent figure you admire. Write an essay identifying their leadership style and approaches, as well as impact on communication and explain how the leader’s effectiveness is determined by the following:
    • Communication competencies (knowledge, sensitivity, skills, values) pertaining to predispositions for leadership communication and relates competencies to the particular leader¬ís organization.
    • Predispositions for leadership communication
    • Use of strategic communication objectives (use the four types of strategic communication objectives for leadership and impact on organizational communication).
    • Use of power bases (explains and analyzes in business situation and relates to communication).
    • Contributing behavioral factors (analyzes the impact on communication).
  • Refer directly to the information in Figure 7.1,”The Blake and Mouton Managerial Grid” on page 224; the Hersey and Blanchard concept of situational leadership starting on page 226; Figure 7.2, “Communication Tactics for Leadership” starting on page 241; and Figure 7.3, “Principled Leadership” starting on page 247 of the course text. Reading material for this lesson is chapter 7 of Shockley-Zalabak (2015) textbook. Fundamentals of organizational communication (9th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. ISBN: 9780205980079

Suggesting References

Hesselbein, F., Goldsmith, M., & Beckhard, R. (Eds.). (1996). The leader of the future: new

visions, strategies, and practice for the next era. New York: Jossey-Bass

Farren, C., & Kaye, B.L. (1996). New skills for new leadership roles. In F. Hesselbein, M.

Goldsmith, & R. Beckhard (Eds.), The leader of the future: new visions, strategies,

and practice for thenext era (pp. 175-188). New York: Jossey-Bass

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