4-1 Discussion

Mobile phones have transformed our lives. By allowing instant access to information, online purchases, a camera, and social media, our smartphones have become a part of our daily routines. It is imperative that businesses make online services easily accessible on mobile platforms.

Read the case study,“Has Facebook Solved the Mobile Ad Problem?”. After reading the case study and completing additional independent research using the textbook and online resources, address the following:

  • Research one of the following companies discussed in your textbook: Snapchat, Taco Bell, Karmaloop, 16 Handles, WeChat, Mxit, Saya, and iCow. Alternatively, feel free to research other companies.
    • Why is mobile computing critical to the success of an organization now?
    • Provide specific examples to support your answer.

Respond to two of your peers’ initial posts and consider the following:

  • Are there any additional advantages to integrating mobile computing for a business?
  • What are possible disadvantages of mobile computing in your peers’ initial posts?

peer one: Good evening everyone,

Mobile computing is critical to the success of an organization now due to the fact that technology is growing and changing. People use their phones to do just about everything, from mobile banking to shopping and streaming music/videos. The world is at your fingertips when using a smartphone. Mobile commerce gives organizations the opportunity to market new products and services to current customers as well as potential customers.

Taco Bell has not only incorporated a mobile app but also a new mobile-first web site. the site gives users access to more information and fasters way to order. Customers can customize orders and pay ahead of time. Other features include and nutritional calculator along with an employment section. Since majority of their web traffic is mobile-based Taco Bell wanted to make sure those consumers have a pleasant experience. So far it has seemed to pay off because they continue to experience growth with the mobile ordering app.


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peer two: Hi Class,

I am doing research on AutoZone. AutoZone uses mobile computing to sell auto parts. They target individuals that are searching auto parts on social media and thru search engines. I feel technology is the way of the future and you have to be on top of current tech in order to succeed. AutoZone gives you access to millions of auto parts on the go in addition to giving you access to installation manuals. They have an app you can download and set your preferences so when you are broke down on the road you can quickly find a location and part for your vehicle. On their app and website they provide you with what locations that have the part you are looking for or if it is a special order item only. In some cases they will have the special order part available same day if it is needed quickly, I know this from a personal experience when I broke down and needed an alternator, luckily for me I was only five blocks from a store where I found what I needed online first and then went into the store to pick up the part.

Mobile computing helps in many different ways, it makes it easier for the consumer to get access to products on the go or while waiting for appts and for companies to attract new customers thru ads. It also allows for new products to be advertised and gives a report back to let them see if it is worth selling. Social Media sites are key to how companies interact with customers, just like it stated in the text, companies want to have knowledge of unhappy customers so they can right the wrong.


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