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At the end of each chapter, you will answer one of the essay questions. Your choice. Consider writing the essay before the exam. This will be graded using the Course Rubric found here. For the Chapter Two Test, consider the three potential questions that may be on your test:

1. Define the Age of Enlightenment. Then, discuss how one of the Americans we studied in this chapter is a representative figure of this age.

2. Even though they died before the abolitionist (anti-slavery) movements became prevalent in the North, how may Olaudah Equiano and/or Phillis Wheatley and their writings have contributed to eventual freedom for enslaved people?

3. In what ways were the ideals expressed in the Declaration of Independence not fully implemented after the Revolution? Why may this have been so?

Your Chapter Two Essay must be at a minimum, six hundred words. In addition to citing directly from at least one primary source, it will also be necessary to use one outside, scholarly journal reference accessed through Walters State’s libraries (not a book review or encyclopedia). In other words, this paper requires at least two sources, one from inside the class (an original, primary text) and one from an outside, secondary source, a scholarly journal or an eBook from Walters State’s databases). Be sure to also have a Works Cited for these sources at the end of your essay (does not count as part of the word count). It is suggested that you study for all three questions, noting specific passages that you may be able to use. It is also suggested you gather at least one primary and one secondary source that you can use to answer each question. Some students have even found it beneficial to write the essay ahead of time.

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