sole the 5th multiple choices

1-Which of the following were points made by Theodore Roosevelt in his “Strenuous Life” speech? Mark all that apply.

1) American men had sufficiently demonstrated their manliness by defeating Spain in war. Therefore, the United States had no business in re-conquering former Spanish colonies.

2) After the glory of defeating Spain in war, the only honorable option left to the United States was to re-colonize the territories it now possessed. Otherwise, “savage anarchy” would be as bad as Spanish tyrrany.

3) In 1899, as he wrote, American men were at risk of being over-civilized, and therefore they needed to seek out glory and manliness through danger, risk, and war

4) Laziness was closely related to peace, just as hard work was closely related to war and aggression.

2- Laziness was closely related to peace, just as hard work was closely related to war and aggression?

1) The idea that Filipinos weren’t fit for self-governance could have been applied equally to Americans during their revolution against England

2) Americans’ initial reasons for fighting Spain were to take possession of Spanish territories.

3) The United States turned its back on its own political principles by refusing to grant Philippine independence.

4) The American press had portrayed Filipinos unfairly

3- The idea that Christianity gave whites the upper hand in the “survival of the fittest” is most closely associated with _______?

1) William Graham Sumner

2) Charles Darwin

3) Mark Twain

4) Josiah Strong

4- Which of the following is the most accurate description of Andrew Carnegie’s 1889 essay on wealth?

1) Carnegie encouraged the rich to give to the poor.

2) Carnegie discouraged the rich from giving handouts to the poor, as he thought it would (in most cases) encourage laziness

3) Carnegie believed high estate taxes (taxes paid based on one’s wealth at one’s death) were the best kind of taxes.

4) All of the above are accurate.

5) None of the above are accurate.

5- Which of the following does NOT accurately describe Mark Twain’s public statements on US imperialism in the early 1900s?

1) Once Twain arrived at a position and declared it publicly, he never wavered from that position in the face of new evidence or reconsideration.

2) Twain believed the US government had abandoned its core principles when it chose to re-colonize the Philippines.

3) Twain described the US army as bloodthirsty and ruthless toward people who welcomed them as liberators.

4) Ultimately, Twain believed that US actions in violation of its principles did not pollute the American flag, but the American government.

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