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The cover letter is a marketing tool, as well as a demonstration of your writing skills. Its purpose is to match skills to the position requirements. The letter should make use of the skills formula in Chapter 5 (and the assignment for this week):

Action Word (verb) + Keyword skill (noun) = outcome (quantified results). This formula is used to describe skills such as project management, spreadsheet proficiency, etc.

In this week’s discussion, we will, as a class, work on transforming vague terms in your cover letters into specific examples that better exemplify your skillsets.

  • Create a main post that presents the specific reasons you are a good multi-tasker, who is responsible and hard working.
  • Then, form one of these “vague terms” into cohesive sentence(s) that could be used in a cover letter utilizing the Skills Formula (above).
  • Give suggestions to your fellow classmates on their posts.

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