Prepare a meal or go out to a restaurant

Your Mission… a) Prepare a meal or go out to a restaurant and order a meal that includes at minimum the following courses: Soup, Salad, Entrée, Dessert and Coffee.b) As you eat your meal, apply the specific skills outlined in the Monkaysee resources provided.c) For each course, write a reflection on how well you were able to apply these skills. How did they feel? What was easy? What was difficult?Suggestions: Choose a difficult food (lobster, chicken on the bone, French onion soup, etc.) research how to eat the food in advance and apply your skill during the meal. In your blog, describe your experience with the challenge food and if you recommend choosing that food item at a “ dining to impress” meal.

In summary: You need to watch the videos on the website; then you need to do eat in a restaurant, create your blog via Dining Etiquette Blog in orange, you can click on it, and see “create blog entry” at the top of the page, this is where you create your blog. Don’t forget to read the rubric for how it will be graded and what to include.

Note: Dining Room Service Styles

As you read the text book and/or view the videos regarding Dining Etiquette, you might notice that the definitions of dining room service styles (French, Russian, etc.) that are briefly discussed are somewhat different from what you might have learned in your other course work here at JWU. Please consider the definitions presented in your JWU classes correct and please disregard the definitions presented in the Service Etiquette text and touched on in the video relating to dining etiquette. Also please note that the subject matter of dining room service styles is not in any way taught, tested or discussed in SEE3041. When you are reading or viewing these course references, please keep in mind that the subject we are exploring is that of Dining Etiquette

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