Myth of Sisyphus”, philosophy assignment help

Camus’ “Myth of Sisyphus” relates to most everyone’s life somehow. Though, specifically to mine in a number of ways.

The “myth of Sisyphus” states that while we all are doing futile labor and set to accomplish nothing as everyone else. It’s the consciousness of it all that makes it tragic punishment. While also the consciousness of it that allows us to choose if we accept it and say”all is well”.

In this sense it relates to my life when things don’t turn out as planned. (This happens more than I like as a military member) When this happens I have 2 choices. Let the rock win by being filled with the melancholy as I show consciousness that I am not in control of my fate. Or, Defeat the rock by going back to the bottom of the hill, continue on, and conclude that “all is well”.

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