Instructions ? This assignment has to be solved using ETAP ? Guide to use ETAP .

Design Procedure

? Draw the oneline shown on the next page using ETAP
? The length of all the cables is 500 ft. Chose a cable sized 750 kcmil at 15 kV
rated voltage. Use the ETAP library feature to select the cables.
? Short circuit rating of the source is 100 MVA and the source impedance is 0.42
? Analyze the oneline using load ow analysis.
? Observe and correct (a) the bus undervoltages (b) cable overloads.
? The bus undervoltage should be no lower than 97% of the nominal voltage.
Assignment Submission

? Submit a printout of the final successful oneline diagram showing the power
flows and bus voltage percentages generated by ETAP
? Submit the final complete load ow report generated by ETAP.
? The next part of the assignment consists of studying the impact of PV
penetration on the bus voltages.

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